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FICO® Quarterly Monitoring tracks your TransUnion credit report and more than 400 other data sources for signs of identity theft. Also includes identity theft insurance coverage up to $25,000 and identity theft resolution assistance should you become a victim.

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Inspect your credit report for fraud.

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Checking your report for ID theft has never been easier. This helpful checklist pulls out key information on your credit report and shows you common things to watch for. So, take some time to look over the following information. If something isn’t familiar, speak up and report it.

Report date: 10/17/2003

Personal information

Don’t recognize something?

Watch out. Your personal information rarely changes. Someone may have already stolen your ID.

Name John Smith
Former names

No former names on file

Social Security Number XXX-XX-5555
BirthDate December 12, 1933


Not familiar with an address?

Someone may be using your ID and sending your mail to a different address.

Current address 123 Main St
Anytown, USA
Former addresses

No former addresses on file


Haven’t worked at one of these places?

This could be trouble. Someone might be working under your name.


Acme Electricians

Cook Brothers Heating and Cooling

New accounts

Didn’t open one of these accounts?

Someone may have stolen your ID and opened accounts in your name. Call the creditor immediately and find out what’s going on.

Date opened Account  
6/2003 Ford Motor Credit Co.
Account number: BFM915XXXX
Auto lease
More Info

Account balances

Something off with an account?

If you don’t recognize an account or there’s an unusual balance, this could be a red flag for ID theft.

Balance Account  
$23,000 Ford Motor Credit Co.
Account number: BFM915XXXX
Date opened: 6/2003
Auto lease
More Info
$325 JC Penney/ Monogram Credit
Account number: 11-07777777XXXX
Date opened: 6/1991
Credit card
More Info
$1,905 Citicorp
Account number: 427188888888XXXX
Date opened: 7/1999
More Info
$100,000 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.
Account number: 6855555XXXX
Date opened: 11/2002
Real Estate Mortgage
More Info

Problem accounts

Didn’t know you had a negative account status?

An ID thief may be on a spending frenzy with your account number. Contact the creditor immediately.

No accounts on file

Credit inquiries

Didn’t apply for credit with one of these companies?

Someone may be trying to open new accounts in your name.

Inquiry date Creditor name
7/5/2003 Main Street Bank
7/5/2003 BCC Credit Union
7/4/2003 Blake's Ford
5/12/2003 Kempler's Dept Store
3/22/2003 XKK Cellular Phone Service
11/22/2002 Mortgage Lenders USA

Negative public records

Didn’t know you had a negative public record?

A person might have used your ID to rack up credit, then filed for bankruptcy or avoided taxes. If you think there has been a mistake, take action now.

No public records on file

Debt collections

Surprised a collection agency is after you?

Someone may have run up bills in your name, and when they weren’t paid, you were reported to a collection agency. Contact the creditor right away.

No debt collections on file

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