Score Watch®

Score Watch Monitor your FICO® score and Equifax credit report™ with Score Watch, the only FICO® score monitoring product on the market. Score Watch provides you with daily monitoring of your score and report, notifies you when you qualify for better interest rates, delivers instant alerts when changes are detected in your score and report and shows you key factors affecting your FICO® score and how a lender views you.

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Here's how your Score Watch® product is configured:

Change settings Alert settings

You will be alerted:

  • Whenever your FICO® score reaches 700 points [ Change ]
  • Whenever one of your accounts has a balance increase greater than 25% [ Change ]
  • Whenever one of your accounts has a balance increase greater than $200 [ Change ]
  • Whenever one of my accounts shows new activity after being inactive for more than 6 months [ Change ]
  • Whenever your FICO® score change could qualify you for a different interest rate on a 48 month auto loan [ Change ] (For a score of 707, that means you will receive a score alert if your score goes below 690 or above 720.)

Standard alerts

You will be alerted when the following changes are detected on your credit report:

  • Change of name or address
  • New accounts
  • New inquiries from applications for a new account
  • Changes in account status
  • New public records or debt collections
  • Changes to existing public records or debt collections

Change settings Delivery settings

Alerts will be sent to:

  • The E-mail: [ Change ]
  • This phone number (mobile text message):
    (555) 555-7921 provider: Sprint PCS [ Change ]
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