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FICO® Report –

August 31, 2016 John Smith FICO® score: 707

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An inquiry indicates when a business, usually a lender, has checked your credit. The inquiries listed here are the number of times in the 12 months since the date of this report that a lender has checked your credit at Equifax. These inquiries appear because you applied for credit with the listed company. Inquiries associated with applying for new credit are the only kind of inquiry that may hurt your FICO® score.

Inquiries affecting your FICO® score

Total: 6 Times
Date Company making the inquiry
October 23, 2006 Main Street Bank
October 23, 2006 BCC Credit Union
October 22, 2006 Blake's Ford
August 30, 2006 Kempler's Dept Store
July 10, 2006 XKK Cellular Phone Service
March 12, 2006 Mortgage Lenders USA

Inquiries not considered by the FICO® score are not listed here, such as inquiries that result from obtaining your own credit reports and FICO® scores.

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