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Family Plan

Two adults
  • Complete 3-bureau coverage
  • Updates every 3 months
  • FICO Scores
  • Scores for mortgages, auto loans & more
  • Credit reports
  • Score and credit monitoringFootnote 2
  • $1 million identity theft insuranceFootnote 3
  • 24x7 identity restoration
  • Identity monitoring
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  • $1 million identity theft insuranceFootnote 3
  • 24x7 identity restoration
  • Identity monitoring
  • SSN alias watch
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Family plan includes

FICO Scores

  • FICO Score
  • Scores for Mortgages
  • Scores for Auto Loans
  • Scores for Credit Cards

Credit Reports

  • Updated FICO Scores
  • Credit Reports

FICO Score Monitoring

  • Score Monitoring
  • Score History Graph

Credit Monitoring

  • Credit Monitoring
  • Alerts

Identity Monitoring

  • SSN Alias Watch
  • Black Market Website Surveillance
  • Alerts

Identity Restoration

  • One million dollar Identity Theft Insurance
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week Identity Restoration
  • Lost Wallet Protection

Tools & Analysis

  • FICO Score Simulator
  • How Lenders View You
  • Interest Rates
  • Score Analysis

Education & Community

  • Credit Education
  • Credit Community
  • US-based Customer Support

Questions? We can help

Why can't we monitor our children's credit and not just identity?

Remember, a child generally won't have a credit file unless you've added them to a credit card account in your name, so the fact that a bureau can generate a credit report for your child could be a sign that something's amiss. Credit reports are a detailed account of your credit history, so until your child becomes an authorized user on your credit card account or gets a student loan, for example, they won't leave a paper trail. In the meantime, thieves can wreak havoc by opening up bank accounts, credit lines, service contracts like a cellphone plan, or more if they get their hands on a child's Social Security number. myFICO family plan monitors your children's SSN, so they are protected from becoming a victim of child identity theft. To help protect children, Experian will not knowingly disclose a credit report that belongs to a minor except to a parent or legal guardian.

Will this hurt my credit?

No, when you check your own credit it does not hurt your credit score.

Who is myFICO?

myFICO is the consumer division of FICO, launched in 2001 to help consumers get their FICO Score directly from the people that make the FICO Score. We have an A+ rating from the BBB and our headquarters are in San Jose, CA.

What is the FICO Score?

The FICO Score is the most widely used credit score, used by more than 90% of top lenders. Some credit apps use other credit scores, but they are calculated differently than FICO Scores and many lenders won't use them.

Why check all 3 credit bureaus?

Both your credit reports and FICO Scores can vary from bureau to bureau, and your lender may pull your report and FICO Scores from any or all 3 of them. Having scores from all 3 bureaus is also important if you're preparing for a mortgage. Out of the 3 credit scores from each bureau, mortgage lenders will use what's called the “middle score”. You need your score from all 3 bureaus to identify your middle score.

Why update my credit report regularly?

It is a good idea to regularly check your credit reports for errors. If you're actively seeking credit, consider monthly updates to your credit report and full set of FICO Scores to make sure they are accurate and up-to-date.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time

Still have questions?

Call our toll-free, US-based customer support at 800-319-4433.