FICO is celebrating 20 years

of helping people take control of their credit and enrich their lives. With the launch of on March 19, 2001, consumers had direct access to their FICO Score and a detailed FICO Score explanation for the first time ever.

By helping ordinary people see how lenders viewed their credit risk, myFICO forever changed the consumer's role in the lending process. Before myFICO, consumers went into the lending process blind—they couldn't know or understand their credit rating and had limited insight into how to better manage their financial health.

With the arrival of myFICO

consumers gained access to the same information lenders used to decide if they would extend credit and under what terms. FICO was at the forefront of this transparency revolution. Since then, myFICO has continued evolving with enhanced features like the FICO Score Simulator, which helps consumers understand how future credit choices may impact their FICO Scores. These additional features have helped to demystify credit scores for everyday Americans.

Over the past 20 years, FICO has become a trusted source for consumer credit information. Additional FICO consumer programs provide consumers access to their FICO Scores from participating FICO Score Open Access lender partners and credit and financial counseling providers, and Score a Better Future seminars help consumers build a better understanding of FICO Scores.

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Devine's Credit Journey

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Michael's Credit Journey

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Credit Facts

A "perfect" FICO® Score is possible. About 2% of Americans have an 850 FICO® Score!