Get Prepared for a Home Mortgage Loan

Know what you are getting into before beginning the home-buying process. There are a few simple things you should do to be sure you’re completely prepared. Follow these guidelines to avoid pitfalls that can cost you time, money or even the home you want to buy.

1. Make sure you’re ready

Do some basic personal accounting to figure out if now is the right time to buy a home. Find out your financial state

2. Get the scores that lenders use to evaluate you

Take the time to understand what your FICO® scores are, and more importantly how they influence the offers you’ll receive – get your scores now. See how a good score saves you money

3. Organize your paperwork

Waiting until the last minute to organize your paperwork can delay the application process or even cause you to miss out on a home you have your eye on. See a list of documents you’ll need

4. Make the time to get preapproved

Preapproval might be the only difference between you and another prospective buyer – make that difference work in your favor. Learn about preapproval