Choose Your Home Mortgage Loan

Now that you’ve taken the steps to get prepared, you’re ready to choose the loan that’s right for you. Today there are so many loan options that it’s easy to be confused and lenders may push loans that sound great but might not be in your best interest.

How can you spot the right loan?

…lenders may push loans that sound great but might not be in your best interest

Everyone’s situation is different, so we’ll help you find one that suits your specific needs. Think of buying a car – wouldn’t it be nice if the dealership gave you the base price and then a checklist of every option along with a summary of what each option was and who would really benefit from it? Well, just like choosing a car your loan needs to have the right set of options for you. The difference is when you get stuck with a set of extra floor mats, you’re only out a hundred dollars. But a bad home loan can cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars and leave you feeling the pinch each month.

The two big choices are the type of loan and the options for your down payment. We’ll help you make sense of both so you can tell the lender what you want and how you want it even if they’d prefer to be the one setting the terms.