Shop around for home mortgage loans

Loan prices vary from seller to seller – even for products that are essentially the same. You would probably shop around to find the best price on a car, right?

Do the same when shopping for a loan. Scrutinize the person selling you the loan – do you get a good feeling when talking to her? If not, move on to the next lender. There are lots of lenders out there and they want your business. Keep the following things in mind when shopping for a loan.

Get offers from several lenders

You don’t have to make a decision based on just one offer. In fact, you’ll probably make a better decision if you can compare multiple offers. See how to compare your offers

Make lenders compete for your business

We’ll show you how to compare offers and use them as bargaining chips with lenders. Lean how to make lenders compete

How myFICO makes it quick and easy for you

To get some offers right now, just choose your state and you’re on your way. In just a few minutes you can begin receiving offers. myFICO makes it easy