Evaluate Home Equity Loan Offers

After you receive offers, you should evaluate them to determine which is the best for you. The evaluation process takes into account your specific situation and needs. We’ve listed a few crucial things to look for when sizing up each loan.

Is this a fair loan for you?

Compare the rates you’re being offered to the rates other people with similar FICO® scores are getting. See how your offers stack up

Know your payment outlook

We’ll give you tools to see what your new monthly payments will look like. You can also change numbers and options to find opportunities to make the loan more affordable. See what your monthly payments will look like

How you can avoid costly penalties and fees

There are penalties and fees you can avoid if you know where to look for them. We’ll give you a checklist that you can use to evaluate HELOCs. Avoid costly penalties and fees

Which loan works best for you?

Still not sure which is the best loan? We’ll give you a tool that lets you plug in the terms of two loans to determine which is better. Choose the best loan