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FICO® Score Checklists for Coronavirus

, by myFICO Team

Keep on top of your FICO® Score amid Coronavirus

A disease outbreak like the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic can impact all aspects of life. While it's critical that people focus on their health and safety first, they should also consider potential impacts on their financial health.

Here are several steps you can take now to help be prepared.

  1. Understand what credit information you may need during the outbreak.

  2. Plan in advance to automate critical deposits and payments such as your mortgage.

  3. Notify lenders about your circumstances and ask if you qualify for forbearance.

These FICO® Score Checklists for Coronavirus can help you be prepared in case the outbreak disrupts your financial health:

Checklist 1: Prepare
How to be more financially resilient during the Coronavirus outbreak

Checklist 2: Recover
Protect your financial health and identity

myFICO Team