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It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

, by Rob Kaufman

The annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity is more extensive than ever.

Identity theft. Credit protection. Internet safety. Cybersecurity. You've probably heard these terms and most likely know what they mean. But do you know how to help make yourself safer and more secure from online threats?

National Cybersecurity Month is designed to engage and educate both the public and private sector about the importance of cybersecurity, provide them with tools and resources to remain secure while online, and increase resiliency in the event of a cyber incident. Sponsored by the National Cybersecurity Division (within the Department of Homeland Security) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month occurs every October to encourage vigilance and protection in all computer users.

Stop. Think. Connect.

The Stop. Think. Connect.  campaign is a public awareness campaign that's a huge part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Through toolkits, blogs, promotional materials and more, this campaign helps to increase the understanding of cyber threats and empower Americans to keep their online experiences safer and more secure.

The campaign's three main goals are to:

  • Elevate the nation's awareness of cybersecurity and its association with national security and the safety of our personal lives

  • Engage the public , the private sector, and state and local governments in our nation's effort to improve cybersecurity

  • Communicate approaches and strategies for members of the public to keep themselves, their families and their communities safer online

The Stop. Think. Connect. Campaign shows how all of us have an impact on cybersecurity. Some of the ways to become involved or obtain resources/tools to help increase your own online security are:

Join the Campaign From non-profits and government agencies to colleges and individuals, joining the campaign gives you quick and easy access to the Department of Homeland Security's resources, speakers and updated Stop. Think. Connect. Campaign information.

Toolkit The Stop. Think. Connect. toolkit includes materials regarding all types of cyber security, cyberattacks and ways to protect yourself. There are tips and tools for everything from behavior on social media and your mobile phone to password creation and public Wi-Fi usage. Just about anything you need to know about being safer online can be found within the toolkit.

Videos Playing games online... sharing information online... it's everyone's responsibility to be cyber-secure. These are just a few of the videos that the Stop. Think. Connect. Campaign offers individuals and companies across America.

If you'd like to know more about what identity theft is, how it occurs and ways to help yourself, check out the credit education center at myFICO. You can also search through the myFICO forums where members talk about how they work to protect their credit and make their online experiences safer.

Rob Kaufman

Rob is a writer... of blogs, books and business. His financial investment experience combined with a long background in marketing credit protection services provides a source of information that helps fill the gaps on one's journey toward financial well-being. His goal is simple: The more people he can help, the better.